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Writing a novel can be an enthralling way to bring your family research alive. You have to make decisions about how your forebears acted and spoke, and you have to both understand and recreate them in an engaging way for people who know nothing about them. You also need interesting real-life events as a touchstone for your plot. But if you do it right, then for a short while you can perhaps bring your ancestors back to life. Genealogist Simon Wills shares his experience of writing his successful first novel

Dr Simon Wills

Maritime genealogist and writer, Dr Simon Wills, is the author of six books. His first novel 'Lifeboatmen' was well-received on its publication in 2014 and was shortlisted for the Mountbatten Maritime Literature Award. Simon has been researching seafaring forebears for over 25 years, and is a regular contributor to many family history magazines. He is also an information adviser to the NHS.