10:15 - 11:00
To complement all of your wonderful research, don’t forget to record what you already know about your own generation – and the generation or two above – before it’s too late. 
If the golden rule of genealogy is ‘Don’t forget to ask Granny’, make sure you don’t fall foul of that… especially if you are Granny or Grandpa, or if you want to encourage someone in your family to record what they know. 
Mike’s fun, inspiring and interactive talk provides more than enough guidance for those looking to put pen to paper for future generations to enjoy.

Michael Oke

Michael Oke is author of bestselling books 'Write Your Life Story' and 'Times of Our Lives', both sponsored by The Daily Telegraph (30,000 copies sold).
Mike is the UK's leading private biographer, having personally assisted with over 150 autobiographies, and his company with over 300. Mike's team of 8 writing partners throughout the UK assist clients in the writing and recording of their family histories.
Mike's work has been featured on BBC Radio 2, 4 and 5 as well as BBC2's Dragons' Den.
As well as writing articles and giving regular talks, Mike is the UK co-ordinator of the Association of Personal Historians www.personalhistorians.org

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