16:15 - 17:00

Surnames are an essential part of our family history but just how much do you really know about your name and where it comes from and just how accurate are surname dictionaries? Celia Heritage looks at the evolution of surnames and how to interpret them as well as showing how they may hinder as well as help you in your research.

Celia Heritage

Celia Heritage is a professional genealogist with a background in history. Her special interests are death records, surnames and exploring history on the ground. She runs The Celia Heritage Family History e-Course, an in-depth 7 module course aimed at those with English and Welsh ancestry.  A well-known figure on the UK genealogy lecturing circuit, she is also the author of ‘Tracing Your Ancestors Through Death Records' and ‘Researching and Locating your Ancestors’. www.heritagefamilyhistory.co.uk