14:15 - 15:10

On 5th April 1945 a well spoken and smartly dressed woman left a small baby (later called Linda) in the care of a couple in a King's Cross flat whilst she went to book a room in a Russell Square hotel. She never returned... Julia Bell will explain how autosomal DNA unlocked this mystery and how she was able to find Linda’s biological parent. Who was the other parent? The answer again lies in autosomal DNA.

Julia Bell

Julia Bell found her WW2 American GI grandfather, Arthur Benager Garrett, in 2014 despite having no name for him or any useable data of any kind. She now has a proven track record for finding GI fathers based in the UK in WW2, relying on DNA results alone. Using a combination of logic and intuition, Julia also works with UK foundlings, who have traditionally had many questions and no answers about their families until now. Originally an English and History graduate, Julia will appear on Discovery UK this spring as the genetic genealogist on a documentary about babies left in public places. She has also featured in the press and on BBC Radio 4. While DNA testing in the UK is not yet as extensive as in America, Julia is keen to demonstrate its potential for finding unknown British parents. She already achieves what some have called impossible. Julia also aims to promote genetic genealogy in the UK and to encourage UK database growth.