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The Kirk Session Minutes give us a vivid insight into the lives, loves and misdemeanours of the Scottish People right up to the mid-19th century. The eyes of the Minister and his Kirk Elders were everywhere, no one was immune from the discipline of the kirk. Fornication, adultery, breaches of Sabbath and absences from the kirk were all punishable offences. The Session Minutes also contain the Poor Rolls, Mortcloth records and payments for coffins, all useful at a period when few deaths were recorded in the Parish Registers

Bruce B Bishop

Bruce B Bishop was born in Walsall, England. Spent 20 years as a meteorologist, and a similar length of time as a teacher at Gordonstoun School. Now a professional genealogist, researcher in archives and a regular on the Scottish genealogy lecture circuit. Author of several books on local and family history, especially covering the Moray and Banff areas. Chairman of the Scottish Association of Family History Societies and a member of ASGRA. Especially interested in the documentary records of 18th century Scotland

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