15:15 - 16:10

Y-DNA is inherited along the direct male line in the same way as the surname is passed from father to son. It is thus an excellent tool for surname research. There are over 8000 surname projects at Family Tree DNA and the body of expertise acquired by the genetic genealogy community over the past 15 years means that there is a lot of support out there for anyone who wants to set up their own project. The potential benefits of joining and running a surname project will be reviewed. These include identifying your surnames ancestral homeland, connecting with genetic cousins to break down Brick Walls in your own research, placing your surname on the Tree of Mankind, dating the origins of your surname, building a descendancy tree for your surname, and determining the deeper “clan” roots of your family.

Maurice Gleeson

Maurice Gleeson is a psychiatrist and genetic genealogist. He is administrator of several Surname DNA Projects including the surnames Gleason, Spearin, Farrell, Boylan, & Maloney. It is from the hands-on management of these projects that his current opinions on DNA project management are based. He has helped organise the DNA Lectures for “Genetic Genealogy Ireland” in Dublin and “Who Do You Think You Are” in the UK since 2012. As an international speaker, he has given talks in Ireland, the UK, the US & Canada. His YouTube videos on genetic genealogy are very popular. He is an Education Ambassador for ISOGG (International Society of Genetic Genealogy).