16:15 - 17:00

All too often I have accepted the given names without much thought about the choice of those names. In this talk I will demonstrate how paying more attention to the usual and unusual naming patterns within the family can:
- provide a shortcut to tracking individual families within the ancestral family
- demonstrate migration patterns of both the ancestral and the collateral family within the UK and globally
- evidence a link to a significant family event that triggered the introduction of the unusual surname
A new or changed pattern of naming can therefore be an important event to consider 

Sue Mitchell (nee Swalwell)

Sue has been researching her family tree for the best part of 35 years and has established a registered One Name Study for her main surname interest, i.e. Swalwell. Her 2xG Grandfather was Lot Swalwell (b1829-d1921) & it was him that started her on this pursuit of other Lot Swalwell’s around the world. Sue is no novice to presenting having worked in the marketing & advertising world for 40 years.