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Over the centuries, one of Ireland’s greatest exports has been its people.  This has taken many guises be it voluntarily to travel the world, to explore seeking fame and fortune, economic migrants, trade, colonise, govern or forcibly transported, to fight or to garrison some far off settlement.   It is estimated that there are over one million people of Irish birth in Britain today, plus numerous second, third or fourth generation Irish. The major challenge to those of us with Irish ancestors is to determine their actual place of birth, without this it is nigh on impossible to undertake any research within Ireland, even if you trying to research a fairly uncommon surname.

Maggie Loughran

Maggie is a lecturer, educator and author, regularly contributing articles on family and local history to various journals and magazines and is co-author of the best selling 'Discover Your Roots' (published 2006). She has lectured extensively both in the UK and USA and organised courses and conferences on family and local history related subjects. She is a past Chairman of both local and family history societies and past Administrator of the UK based, Federation of Family History Societies

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