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Discover the main resources to find out where your ancestors lived and trace the history of your own home. Find out which documents can be used to build a picture of what homes looked like in the past inside and out. Discover how to find out who lived in a building at different points in time and when, how and why it was built.

Gill Blanchard.

Gill Blanchard, BA. MA. PGCE (PCE). AGRA member. Gill has worked as a professional family, house and local history researcher in East Anglia for over 23 years, including 6 years at Norfolk Record Office. She is the author of 'Writing Your Family History', 'Tracing Your House History' and 'Tracing Your East Anglian Ancestors'. Gill is a qualified adult education tutor and has run courses for the Society of Genealogists, University of East Anglia, Norfolk Family History Society and others. She teaches online for Pharos Tutors. Gill gives talks and presentations across the country, including WDYTYA Live 2010-2014.

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