15:15 - 16:00
Censuses Returns -- a key resource for genealogical research, but one which can, perhaps, be perceived as just ‘data’ to be mined for ‘facts’. These records have the potential to reveal far more : deductions can be made, and conclusions drawn, about the circumstances of individuals and families, the places they lived, the paths they took ...
This illustrated talk will delve into the bigger picture by offering suggestions for setting findings firmly on the ground in the real world, and, consider how an understanding of the enumeration process can help integrate census material with other categories of records.

Caroline Norton (BAHons)

Caroline Norton, a healthcare worker by day, a family and local historian at most other times. My interest was sparked some thirty years ago by gt-gt-gt grandfather' signet ring, and subsequently, experience with my own family/local/academic research has evolved into a particular interest in understanding problems encountered when using census records. Volunteering with the family history societies in my area has led to assisting researchers with their queries and sticking-points, many of which find solutions in a closer examination of censuses. Past talks at WDYTYALive have focused this 'bigger picture' by offering suggestions for looking beyond individuals' biographical details

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