11:15 - 12:00

Surnames provide a fascinating insight into the past, and each surname has its own story to tell. This lecture will provide an overview of the history and distribution of surnames with a particular focus on surnames originating in the British Isles. The methodology of a one-name study will be reviewed. The one-name study approach can sometimes provide breakthroughs that would not be possible by restricting research to your own family tree. Genealogists can make a major contribution to the field of surname research and have the opportunity to acquire the unique distinction of becoming the worldwide expert on their chosen surname.

Debbie Kennett

Debbie is an Honorary Research Associate in the Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment at University College London. She is a member of ISOGG and the co-founder of the ISOGG Wiki. She is the administrator of the Cruwys/Cruse/Cruise DNA Project, the Devon DNA Project and the mtDNA Haplogroup U4 Project. She has written two books for the History Press: DNA and Social Networking (2011) and The Surnames Handbook (2012). Her popular blog Cruwys News was originally set up to publish findings from her one-name study but is now focused on keeping up with all the latest developments from the world of genetic genealogy.