14:15 - 15:00

The take up of NGS tests like Big Y and Full Genomes has been huge in the past year, but many genetic genealogists tend to regard them as being about prehistoric or pre-surname research, so not directly useful to their own projects. This talk will present ways in which NGS testing is opening up new research directions for surname projects (looking at surnames Kemp and Cummings), and how surname projects can work closely with haplogroup projects to extend what you can understand from your Y DNA test results.

John Cleary, university lecturer and Cromwell's Scottish prisoner tracing project coordinator.

John is a lecturer at a university in Edinburgh and a member of ISOGG (International Society of Genetic Genealogy). He gives talks on using DNA in family history research in Scotland, and is interested in how genetic genealogy can help to understand the origins and spread of surnames. He is involved in a project researching the fate of Scottish prisoners captured by Cromwell in the Civil War and transported to the Americas, working with the Prisoners’ descendants using DNA and genealogy to discover more about their fate.