14:15 - 15:00

This presentation examines nineteenth century asylums and the records that are available to assist in researching ‘lunatic ancestors’. 

Dr John Burt and Kathryn Burtinshaw

Dr John Burt is a professional genealogist based in Edinburgh.  A retired medical practitioner, he has a lifelong fascination for Scottish social history.
Kathryn Burtinshaw runs her own genealogy company, Pinpoint Ancestry, based in North Wales and holds an Advanced Diploma in Local History from Oxford University.

They are registered professional genealogists and were awarded distinctions in their M.Sc. dissertations in Genealogy, Palaeography and Heraldry from the University of Strathclyde on subjects relating to nineteenth century asylums.  They have recently written a book entitled:  
‘LUNATICS, IMBECILES AND IDIOTS:  A history of insanity in nineteenth century Britain and Ireland’