11:15 - 12:00

Over 330,000 Allied soldiers from WWI are still missing-in-action, lying somewhere on the Western Front. Every year 30-60 of these soldiers are discovered during routine farming activities or road widening schemes. In the past, such soldiers were rarely identified, but with advances in DNA testing, identification is now possible and more frequent. This presentation gives an overview of the identification process using examples from recent discoveries (e.g. Fromelles). It also discusses where advances in identification by DNA will lead us within the next few years and how you can help this process by creating a genetic memorial for your own WWI relative.

Maurice Gleeson

Maurice Gleeson is a psychiatrist and genetic genealogist. He is administrator of several Surname DNA Projects including the surnames Gleason, Spearin, Farrell, Boylan, & Maloney. It is from the hands-on management of these projects that his current opinions on DNA project management are based. He has helped organise the DNA Lectures for “Genetic Genealogy Ireland” in Dublin and “Who Do You Think You Are” in the UK since 2012. As an international speaker, he has given talks in Ireland, the UK, the US & Canada. His YouTube videos on genetic genealogy are very popular. He is an Education Ambassador for ISOGG (International Society of Genetic Genealogy).