12:15 - 13:00

Go behind the scenes with Living DNA and discover the journey your sample goes on, including the ultra high definition methods that allow our team to not only pinpoint your ancestry into 21 regions of the UK but also discover how we let you explore your ancestry at different points in history. Discover how each wave of migration has affected your ancestors and understand how this tool is proving incredibly useful for family history reserach. During the talk we will also address the important issue of privacy and security of your genetic information

Living DNA

David Nicholson - Managing Director of Living DNA. Having been involved in DNA testing for over 15 years, David was the first person to bring a commercial DNA testing company to Who Do You Think You Are in 2006. With a passion for taking complex genetics and making it simple he presents on a behind the scenes view of DNA testing for family history and what fine scale analysis now offers.


Alexander Cocker - Researcher at Living DNA, having studied both medicine and anthropology, Alex brings to life the history of our genetics helping us understand and view the stories that are held locked in our DNA.  Having worked on the team allowing us to look at our ancestry through history he helps reveal the key historic events that can be read from our genetic code.


Dr Martin Blythe - Head of Bioinformatics at Living DNA. Martin likes to consider his role as Biology on Computers, taking the genetic information produced by our laboratory, running it through computer programs and providing simple to understand and highly accurate results. He will help demystify what goes on with your data.