15:15 - 16:00

Many resources with hundreds of personal names and details are now available in print and on free websites. The trick is to know what they are, where to find them and how to use them!
Using these resources overcomes many of the difficulties of old manuscripts which may be written in Middle English, French or Latin, with handwriting which is difficult to decipher. This talk will show you how to identify and utilise these resources, both online and print, and how to access libraries which hold useful items e.g. ancient town histories- libraries which are increasingly open to independent researchers. 

Gillian Draper

I research and publish on the history of Kent and Sussex between 800AD and 1800, both for academic and general readerships. My book on Rye: a history of a Cinque Port was republished as a paperback in 2016 (The History Press) I have taught local and landscape history for 14 years at the universities of Kent and Canterbury Christ Church to mature students and undergraduates and postgraduates of conventional age. I carry out research for archaeological companies and Historic England (formerly English Heritage), and am a convenor of the Locality and Region Seminar at the Institute of Historical Research.