10:15 - 11:00

Learn how to unleash the power of Family Historian diagrams to explore and show off your family tree in ways you never knew were possible.  Topics covered include: tips for creating great-looking charts; using diagrams interactively for browsing, editing and exploring; configuring ‘text schemes’ to show whatever information you want; manipulating ‘smart trees’; finding new ways to present information visually by configuring box shape and appearance; colouring branch lines and ‘routes’; working with multiple trees; scaling and printing.

Simon Orde

After a successful 14-year career designing software tools for software engineers, Simon Orde, a family historian, asked himself why similarly powerful technology should not also be available to genealogists.  Calico Pie was founded in 1995, and design work for Family Historian started in 1998.  The vision was to bring the same level of professionalism to genealogy software that had long been available to architects, engineers and other professionals – combining ease of use and fun, with powerful features for the aspirational user.  18 years on, and many awards later, Simon Orde’s passion for genealogy software design is undimmed.