15:15 - 16:00

This presentation relates to people who went to India under the East India Company and the Raj and married into Indian/Anglo Indian families. The presentation will cover Mitochondrial Eve; Geraldine’s own mtDNA result which indicate Indian ancestry; Illustrating with Geraldine’s family tree, How others of her extended family tree share her mtDNA; How she used the tree to identify other living individuals, who carry other testable mtDNA lines for ancestors they have in common; The Y-chromosome and its significance with respect to surnames in Britain; FIBIS’s DNA project; Autosomal Family Finder/MyOrigins results from Valmay’s family and other people in the FIBIS project.

Valmay Young, FIBIS trustee and Geraldine Charles, Fibis trustee and Professional Archivist

Although an archivist for many years with the National Maritime Museum, Geraldine Charles originally studied Biological Sciences at degree level. This included Anthropology and Genetics. Geraldine is also a founder member of the Families in British India Society (FIBIS) and has given many talks that include the use of DNA in British India family history. Valmay Young is webmaster and trustee of FIBIS. Valmay also works at Suffolk Record Office and started the FIBIS DNA project in 2012 after realising its potential in breaking down the all too common brick walls in British India research due to the lack of documentary evidence.