12:15 - 13:00

DNA testing is a useful tool which can be used as a complement to traditional family history research and can sometimes provide insights that are not available from the paper trail alone. The cost has dropped dramatically in the last few years and DNA testing is now affordable for everyone. Debbie will look at the three main tests that can be used for genealogical research – Y-chromosome DNA testing, mitochondrial DNA testing and autosomal DNA testing. She will explain what these tests can and can’t tell you, and will provide practical examples of how to use the tests based on her own research.

Debbie Kennett, Honorary Research Associate, UCL

Debbie is an avid genealogist who has been researching her family tree for over a decade. She has written two books for the History Press: DNA and Social Networking (2011) and The Surnames Handbook (2012). Debbie is an Honorary Research Associate in the Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment at University College London. She is a member of ISOGG and the co-founder of the ISOGG Wiki. She runs the Cruwys/Cruse/Cruise one-name study through the Guild of One-Name Studies, and is the administrator of the associated surname project at Family Tree DNA. She is also the administrator of the Devon DNA Project and the mtDNA Haplogroup U4 Project. She writes the popular Cruwys News blog.