16:15 - 17:00

The Battle of Bannockburn Family History Project studied the lives, families and heraldry of 17 participants in the Battle, as well as showing how genetic genealogy could substantiate medieval descents for some individuals who lack the documentary evidence. The application of the methodologies used in the Project is now being extended. This presentation will describe the documentary sources available for this type of research, explore the possibilities of authenticating early descents and using these, in conjunction with genetic genealogy, to establish previously unknown pre-modern descents.

Graham S Holton

Graham has been involved in one way or another with genealogy and family history for most of his life. After long experience as a librarian, his involvement in the field of teaching family history began as a tutor of evening classes at the University of Strathclyde. He has been a tutor on the University's Postgraduate Programme in Genealogical Studies since it commenced in 2007 and is now Principal Tutor. He is author of Discover your Scottish ancestry (2nd ed. 2009) and My ancestor emigrated to the British Empire (forthcoming).