12:15 - 13:00

The second largest army in the British Empire in 1914 was that of British India. It supported the Allies in all theatres, Western Front, Egypt-Palestine, Gallipoli, East Africa and, particularly, in Mesopotamia. Peter will focus his talk on the operations in Mesopotamia and subsequent operations in Persia. He will describe the Nature of the Indian Army of the time, together with the records of the Europeans and Indians who led the army though to participate in the defeat of the Ottoman Empire.

Peter Bailey

Peter Bailey is President of the ‘Families in British India Society’
and lectures and writes books and articles on Family History in British India. He has nine ancestors who lived over four generations in India, four of them either in the East India Company Army, the Indian Army or the British Army serving in India.

Peter has been a Member of the Society of Genealogists for close to 50 years and has served as a Trustee.

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