11:15 - 12:00

Researchers of ancestors who were baptized/born, married or died in British India (1600-1947) are often disappointed that they are unable to find them in the ‘official’ records held in the British Library. BL indicates that they hold about 70 pct. of such records but where are the remaining 30 pct?

Peter Bailey has assembled a large number of sources of these “missing’ records and will explain the many ways in which they can be found and accessed.

Peter Bailey

Peter Bailey is President of the ‘Families in British India Society’
and lectures and writes books and articles on Family History in British India. He has nine ancestors who lived over four generations in India, four of them either in the East India Company Army, the Indian Army or the British Army serving in India.

Peter has been a Member of the Society of Genealogists for close to 50 years and has served as a Trustee.