An exciting new way of updating your Facebook page has been introduced and we're showcasing it at our event. Social media, commonly Facebook and Twitter, has changed the way many of us share information. 

If you want to update your Facebook account without having to get your phone or tablet, just register to our simple system and update with just the swipe of a card!

Simply pre-register by clicking hereselecting 'Connect with Facebook' and then collect your card at the Meeting Point at the show. Everyone who registers will then be put into a draw to win one of ten pairs of tickets to Who Do You Think You Are? Live 2014.

We really hope you'll be liking our show to all your Facebook friends!


Please note: all images will simultaneously appear on our Facebook page as well as your own. Please note this system only requires your email address and no personal data is retained. This is a third party app that only links our service to your profile and your log in details remain unknown to us. We request permission to post to Facebook on your behalf in the registration process and nothing can be activiated without that permission. When your photo is displayed in our Facebook album, there is no link to your users page..