1. I have a Shell Scheme stand – what is included with this?

Carpet, walls (as many as are required to separate your stand from neighbouring stands), a ceiling grid, fascia and a name panel sign. Please note that electrics and lighting are NOT included in your stand and must be ordered separately using Form 9. Please complete and return Form 4 to ensure your Name Board details are correct and see the ‘Shell Scheme Stand’ section for further information.


  1. I have a Table in The Society of Genealogists Family History Show – can you tell me what is included with this?

Included is: Anthracite grey cord carpet; a 6’ utility table; a chair; and a table number. Please note that electrics and lighting are NOT included in your table area and must be ordered separately using Form 9.


  1. If there is a Shell Scheme wall behind my SOG Table, can I use it to display posters etc?

Yes, but The Freeman Company would be grateful if you would observe the Do’s and Don’ts associated with the Shell Scheme system, as any damage to the system will be charged directly to the Exhibitor. Please don’t use: nails, staples, screws, painting, pins, glue. Do use: Velcro (hook & loop), Sellotape, Blue tack. Exhibitors are not permitted to hang anything directly on to the walls of the Venue. Please note: not all Tables will have access to a walled area behind them.


  1. I’m bringing a pop-up display for my SOG table, are there any restrictions?

Pop-ups must be displayed within your table area only and not obstruct gangways and aisles. The area behind tables is a shared area and we ask that you consider your neighbours, who may also want to display items. There is a limited amount of shell scheme walling behind SOG table areas that allows us to display fascia boards demarking the SOG area: if your pop-up is taller than 2.2m it may not fit within the shell scheme so please contact the organisers.


  1. If I want to order additional fittings for my Shell Scheme stand / SOG area, where do I go?

The Freeman Company are the appointed stand contractor for shell scheme stands. You can order electrics, lighting and additional shell scheme items using the individual forms from The Freeman Company.


  1. I have a Space-only stand – what is included with this?

A Space-only stand means exactly that – an area marked out on the floor. Space-only Exhibitors may wish to order carpet from our recommended carpet contractor, The Freeman Company.  Please contact them for further details. You must provide all stand-fitting, electrics, carpet, signage etc, for your stand. See the Space-only Information section for further information.


  1. Do I have to do a Risk Assessment?

All shell scheme and space only exhibitors are legally required to complete a Risk Assessment for the show, see the ‘Show Health & Safety’ section for more information. Space-only Exhibitors should submit two Risk Assessments (one for build-up and breakdown; and one for show open) when sending in their stand design for approval; Shell Scheme stands must complete a Risk Assessment for show open as you may be asked to submit this on site, by the organiser or the venue, depending on your planned activities.


  1. How do I book electrics?

Please contact The Freeman Company who are the appointed electrical contractor. Space-only stands may pre-fit their own electrics, but only The Freeman Company can work with the mains supply to make the stand ‘live’, please see Form 9.  Shell scheme Exhibitors can order electrics from The Freeman Company via Form 9.


  1. If my electrics fail on site, how do I contact the electrician?

During build-up, The Freeman Company will have a service desk set up at the front of the venue. During the Open Period, please contact the Organisers’ Office, and we will get an electrician to come to your stand.


  1. How do I book a telephone, internet connection or isdn line?

NEC are the venue communications partner, please use Form 12 to order telephones and internet connections in advance. You may bring your own computer, but if you would like to hire one, contact MCL Create, Form 14


  1. How does my stand get cleaned?

Our approved Cleaning Contractor, will clean all of the stand carpet automatically. If you have additional cleaning requirements, please contact the Organisers.


  1. Is there a rubbish collection service?

Rubbish will be cleared from the gangways each night, so please place your rubbish outside your stand when you leave each evening. We would ask that you do NOT place rubbish in the gangways in the morning. Please read ‘Waste Disposal and Skip Hire’ in ‘A-Z Directory of Services’.


  1. I plan to offer food/drink samples to the public – do I have to do anything special?

Occasionally, NEC may (at its sole discretion) permit Exhibitors to provide samples of food/drink. If you intend to offer samples in this way, you must obtain prior permission from the Organiser by informing the Operations Team, in writing, of this activity immediately. Please email nadine@exact-events.co.uk Exhibitors must be willing to abide by the Food & Drink Hygiene and Health & Safety Regulations set out under UK and EU Legislation and NEC.


  1. I plan to sell food/drink for consumption at the show – what do I have to do?

You are not able to sell food / Drink within Who Do You Think You Are? Live at the NEC


  1. Will there be 24hr security?

Yes there is, but it is designed to deny access to the building to intruders, NOT to protect goods on individual stands.


  1. Can I book security just for my stand?

Yes, if you contact the organisers they can arrange for you to have a dedicated security guard on your stand 24hrs a day for a charge. If you want to hire night sheets please see Form 10.


  1. Is my stock insured?

This is your responsibility. You must check with your own insurer to make sure you are covered for your own property and stock and that you do not need additional cover. You are responsible for insuring against legal liability incurred in respect of bodily injury to third parties or damage to property belonging to third parties. In addition to this, you should protect your expenditure against Cancellation and Abandonment or Curtailment of the event due to reasons beyond our control. The Financial Services Authority regulations do not permit us to advise you on any insurance matter; however you may wish to consider a specific insurance for Exhibitors offered by Hiscox , who cover Public Liability, Employers’ Liability, Cancellation and Abandonment and Property for exhibitors. See the Contractor List. Other insurance companies which provide event/exhibition cover can be found on http://www.essa.uk.com/page.cfm/action=ExhibList/ListID=1/t=m/goSection=9 and searching for ‘Insurance’.

Public Liability Insurance is required by ALL Exhibitors on site and evidence of this may be requested by the organiser on site. The organisers request a minimum cover of £2million.


  1. What time does the hall open in the morning, and close each evening?

For Show and Hall open times please refer to Event Timetable.


  1. How do my staff get into the Hall 2?

Please use Form 3 to apply for Exhibitor and Vehicle passes. Passes will be available for collection from the organisers office on arrival at the event. Passes will be provided as long as you have returned your Health and Safety Declaration (Form 1) and full payment has been made. In the interests of security, all Exhibitors and contractors must wear identity passes at all times during the build-up, breakdown and open periods of the Show. Security staff will not allow you or your staff to enter the exhibition without a valid pass.

Complimentary car parking for exhibitors during the exhibition open period are extremely limited. Each stand will be allocated one complimentary car parking pass. If any additional exhibitor parking passes are required please email wdytya.operations@immediate.co.uk and these will be allocated on a first come first served basis. If once on site you no longer require your car parking pass please return it to the Organisers’ Office so that it can be re-allocated to another exhibitor.


  1. Can I get additional Exhibitor passes once we are on site?

Yes, the Organisers’ Office will be able to issue your staff with additional Exhibitor passes if required. A trade in system will be in place for stands that have a change over of personnel during the show.


  1. How do my contractors get access to the hall?

There are contractor passes available that allow access to the hall during build-up and breakdown but not during the open period. Passes will be issued by our security staff at the venue. To obtain a Pass, contractors will need to notify security of the company and stand number of the stand on which they are working.


  1. How do I get into Hall 2 at NEC with my vehicle?

NEC Traffic officers control the movement of all vehicles within the NEC complex. All Exhibitors, contractors and sub-contractors must obtain goods vehicle passes to gain access to the site. Vehicles passes must be displayed in the window of any vehicle unloading/ loading whilst in the vicinity of the Exhibition Hall.

Exhibitors, contractors and sub-contractors should follow the onsite signage for the nominated lorry/car park for the show. Vehicles will be held in the nominated lorry park and then called down by NEC Traffic officers for unloading/ loading.  Goods must be unloaded immediately and vehicles must then be removed from the unloading area to the nominated lorry/ car park.  

An allocated courtesy bus service will be provided, during the shows open hours (with an additional hour either side of opening & closing) taking Exhibitors and Visitors to and from the allocated car parks to the NEC main entrance.  The bus service will also be in operation between 14:00 - 18:00 on Wednesday 5th April.

High visibility jackets should be worn when loading or unloading vehicles in the loading bay area.

During breakdown, priority access initially will be given to cars and light vehicles.  Commercial and heavier vehicles will then be given access as space becomes available.

Parking of vehicles in the unloading area is strictly forbidden


23. Are there trolleys available on site? No. You should provide your own trolleys or speak to the organisers to co-ordinate unloading of any pallets or bulky items. 


24. Where can I store packing materials?

There is no storage available on site; however, Agility, see form 11 can provide this service for you at a cost. Although it is advisable to build storage within your stand. Please speak with your Commercial Manager


25. Who is my point of contact on site?

Please report any problems to the Organisers’ Office where staff will be happy to help you with any queries you may have. The Organisers’ Office is located at the front of the hall and will be signposted.


26. Where can I eat?

There will be a number of restaurants and/or venue cafés open during the last day of build-up and during show open.