It is a legal requirement that all Exhibitors undertake their own Risk Assessment prior to the show. This involves listing the tasks and identifying the hazards present on site – then devising ways to minimise and control those hazards. Exhibitors may otherwise be liable to heavy fines and prosecutions. Exhibitors should take into account work practices and exhibits. To help you, we have included a Sample Risk Assessment below, for your convenience. 

The following guidelines will assist you to make a basic Risk Assessment of your activities. 


Note 1 – What is a hazard?

A hazard is anything which has the potential to harm, i.e. the specific treatment offered may have the potential to cause injury to a visitor/therapist, etc.


Note 2 – Who might be harmed?

In this section you must include everyone who could be injured as a result of such activities, i.e. the customer/client receiving the treatment, the therapist performing the treatment, or other people in close proximity.


Note 3 – Is the risk adequately controlled?

Here you should record what steps you have taken to ensure that the risk is ‘controlled’, i.e. that nothing dangerous occurs and how the possible hazard would be avoided. You should also state who is performing the treatment, their qualification and all the precautions being taken. You need to do this as you are legally responsible for any person working for you and their actions or inactions. You must ensure that any contract staff you use are competent and will work in a safe manner. This you may do through requesting copies of their Health & Safety policy. For smaller companies, who may not have such documents, you should request copies of their public liability and employees’ insurance documents, letters of reference, etc. If they cannot supply such documentation you would be wise not to use them. Details of such checks should be entered in this box.


Note 4 – What further action is necessary to control the risk?

Here you should list any remaining risks that have not been covered by your precautions. In an ideal world there should be nothing in this section.


Click here to download your Risk Assessment form and once you've filled it in, send it to the Operations Team via e-mail