If you need any help with accommodation from 5 star to youth hostels.

The NEC has many hotels on site. Please check out the NEC website


We are not recommending or partnering with any hotels but here are two examples and a link for a very useful hotel search engine.

The closest hotel is The Crowne Plaza http://www.cpbirminghamnechotel.co.uk/

A budget hotel example is http://www.innkeeperslodge.com/birmingham-nec-coleshill/

Alternatively please try www.booking.com  where you can search for hotels within the radius of the NEC and also by price.


Exhibitors wishing to sell/sample alcohol at the Show must have prior permission from the Organiser by informing the Operations Team of this activity, 35 days prior to start of tenancy, on Form 1 and in writing. You will then be required to complete an application direct to NEC.

All staff must have completed the mandatory 2 hour training in alcohol sales as required by Licensing act 2005

Under no circumstances may alcohol be sampled or sold to people under the age of 18. Any violation of this will result in the immediate termination of license facilities.


No animals are allowed into the hall except Assistance Dogs with the permission of the Organiser.



A range of audio visual equipment and office equipment can be hired for the show. For further information, please contact:

MCLcreate Ltd, Unit 600, Catesby Park, Eckersall Road, Kings Norton, Birmingham B38 8SE

Tel: +44 (0) 121 782 0433

E:  exhibitions@mclcreate.com



Balloons are not permitted at the show unless permission is granted from the Organisers. Latex balloons are not allowed under any circumstances. The Organisers do not accept any responsibility or costs arising from the use of gas filled balloons becoming trapped in the roof structure or ventilation system of NEC. The cost will be passed on to the Exhibitor.



There is a NatWest Bank with ATMs (no charge for their use) situated by Hall 4 in the Piazza.This is open Monday to Friday 09.00 – 16.30hrs (Wednesday 09.30 – 16.30hrs) Additional ATMs are also located across the NEC site but there is a charge for using these.


Banners suspended above stands will not be permitted.



Exhibitor parking is available free of charge in the NEC Car Parks during the build-up and breakdown periods of the show (charges apply during the show open period)*.  Parking will be in the South car park and will be signposted on site. Exhibitors should use the nominated car parks.

During show open, car parks will again be signed posted and exhibitors should use the nominated car parks for the show – a courtesy bus operates from the car parks top the Piazza Main Entrance and operates from one hour before the show opens until one hour after the show closes. 

The courtesy bus service will also be in operation between 14:00 - 18:00 on Wednesday 5th April.

See https://necparking.apcoa.co.uk/Express.aspx for more information

*Complimentary car parking for exhibitors during the exhibition open period are extremely limited. Each stand will be allocated one complimentary car parking pass. If any additional exhibitor parking passes are required please email wdytya.operations@immediate.co.uk and these will be allocated on a first come first served basis. If once on site you no longer require your car parking pass please return it to the Organisers’ Office so that it can be re-allocated to another exhibitor.



The floor covering throughout all Shell scheme stand areas and gangways is cord carpet. Shell Scheme stands will be carpeted in Anthracite grey.

There is no carpet included in Space-only stands and these Exhibitors can order carpet from our recommended carpet contractor, The Freeman Company. If you use your own carpet please be aware that you must provide for removal of it after the Show has ended. For more information please contact: 

The Freeman Company - Exhibitor Services

T: +44 (0) 2476 309236

E: EMEA.Exhibitorservices@freemanco.com



All food and drink for consumption on the premises for private hospitality on stands must be obtained from the sole official caterer Amadeus. To arrange catering or stand orders, please click on the link below, choose your show and register your stand details or alternatively contact: 


Tel +44 0121 767 3329

You cannot sell food or drink to visitors for consumption on the premises.



Charities will not be permitted to conduct their activities on Exhibitor’s stands or around the Show without prior, written permission of the Organisers.



Chemicals should be treated under COSHH regulations. The Organisers must be notified prior to coming on site. Relevant data sheets should be available for inspection, together with appropriate risk assessments.


Children under the age of 16 (including babies and toddlers) are NOT permitted in the hall, nor may they be left in vehicles in the surrounding areas, during build-up and breakdown (this is a requirement of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974). 



Aisle cleaning will take place continuously throughout the build-up. Packing, empty boxes and other waste items should be placed in the aisles for clearance. Sharp items must be properly wrapped and disposed of in a safe manner. The cleaners cannot be held responsible for stand items left in the aisles which are subsequently thrown away as waste.

Daily stand cleaning (floors only) is included in the cost of your stand and is provided to all stands during the nights of 5th, 6th and 7th April 2017.  Where night sheets are used and stand cleaning is required, the keys should be left with the Organisers’ Office to allow overnight cleaners access to the stand to clean the floors.  For safety reasons, gangways must be left clear and free for passage and must not be obstructed in any way.

Please note all stands must be complete by 2100 hrs on Wednesday 5th April 2017 to allow a final pre-open clean.



The cloakroom will operate each day from 30 minutes before the show opens remain open up until I hour after the show closes, should items remain they will be taken to the lost property office at the venue. The cost per item is £1 and the cloakroom is located beside the entrance to the hall.  



It is in the interest of Exhibitors and visitors that any faults or failures in the services provided at the Show should be brought to the attention of the Organisers as soon as possible. If you wish to make a complaint please contact us in the Organisers’ Office, or send an email to: wdytya.operations@immediate.co.uk



The Organiser and/or NEC, reserve the right to expel any Exhibitor, contractor, stand staff or visitor who fails to conduct themselves in a reasonable and acceptable manner. The right is also reserved to stop any nuisance noises or to request the stand or staff concerned to refrain from using any piece of equipment which is likely to cause offence or annoyance to other stands.



You may employ the stand contractor of your choice for all areas of your stand, excepting shell scheme and additions to shell scheme for which the official contractor is The Freeman Company.

If you are employing a contractor to build your stand it is essential that your contractor is fully aware of his or her responsibilities under all relevant Health and Safety legislation, as well as the hall’s Rules and Regulations. See ‘Space-only Stands’ in the ‘Stand Information’ section. 

Please forward your contractor all the relevant information or contact us and we will be happy to send it to them on your behalf.

Please let us know your contractor’s details by completing and returning Form 2.



Costume characters must be kept within the confines of your stand and must wear Exhibitor passes at all times. They must not in any way entice children away from the stand or around the Show.



No deliveries will be accepted prior to the event. The NEC will not accept any deliveries on your behalf. You must have a representative available at all times to sign for any deliveries.

The Organisers, whilst providing general security, cannot take responsibility for exhibitors' possessions and valuable items that can be easily removed. You are advised your stand should not be left unattended at any time.

Postal packages should be addressed to:

Stand / Company Name & Stand Number
Exhibitor Contact name and mobile number
Who Do You Think You Are? Live
NEC, Hall 2
Pendigo Way,
Marston Green,
West Midlands, B40 1NT

Please ensure that no deliveries are arranged before Tuesday 4th April. Deliveries made before this date will be turned away. 

Please note that a representative of your company MUST be present to sign for any deliveries to the Exhibition Centre.




Care must be taken to avoid damage to any part of the hall, or to the shell scheme. Should you, your staff or your contractors cause any damage or disfigurement to occur, you will be charged for the damage. 



It is a legal requirement that all disabled people are given the same opportunities as able-bodied persons. This includes the ability to attend exhibitions and look at any of the exhibits. We would ask that you ensure that your stand and exhibits are easily accessible to those disabled visitors with wheelchairs; any stand with a platform should provide a suitable wheelchair ramp to a gradient of 1:12.



All product demonstrations and TV/video displays that are designed to attract crowds must be set back 1m from the gangway to avoid congestion in the aisles.



You are reminded that all business including the dispensing of literature and promotional material must be conducted from your stand. Your staff will not be permitted to hand out leaflets etc. at the entrance to the event or on the street, the gangways or any other part of the exhibition hall.  



The official electrical contractor for the Show is The Freeman Company. We recommend that Space-only contractors contact The Freeman Company directly with your electrical requirements for the Show.

The Exhibition Venues Association (EVA) regulations for Stand Electrical Installations and the Current EIA Electrical Regulations (e-guide) must be observed and complied with by all stand-holders, Exhibitors and their contractors. A copy of the EVA Regulations is available from the Organisers.

Your equipment must conform to these safety standards or it will be disconnected. All stands will be inspected on Wednesday 5th April.

To order your electrics, please complete Form 10

For further useful information please see the Compulsory Electrical Testing Regulation Charge document and the Electrical Quick Reference Ryton document


Textile fabrics used for interior display purposes on the stand must be flame-proof or already treated with an approved chemical when purchased, in accordance with BS 5438 (1976). Certain fabrics such as wool, twill, or felt need not be proofed. Textile fabrics used for interior decorative purposes within stands must be fixed taut and/or in light pleats (not draped) to a solid backing and secured 25cm above floor level, not touching light fittings.



Filmbank are the licensing body that forms protection and the copyright of films and cartoons in public. It is an offence to screen films and cartoons in public without a non-theatrical license. For further information please visit www.filmbank.co.uk



Any person wishing to display firearms/weapons must have prior permission from the Organiser, by informing the Operations Team  at least 35 days prior to start of tenancy, This activity must be included on Form 1 and submitted with a detailed risk assessment showing delivery, storage, operation, use, display and management of the articles. 

There are strict regulations governing firearms:

•Guns are not permitted to remain on site overnight

•Absolutely no ammunition will be permitted on site




Fire exits must be kept clear of obstructions at all times. Static fire extinguishers and breakglass points must not be blocked. Exhibitors must ensure that all materials used in the construction of stands, exhibits, furniture, textile, drapes, table coverings and artificial flowers etc. on their stand satisfy the regulations of the Organisers and The NEC regarding resistance to flame/ fire.  The Organisers and The NEC reserve the right to remove any item that does not meet statutory requirements or which in their opinion constitutes a hazard. Failure to comply with this requirement could lead to stand closure.  Exhibitors should ensure their contractors are aware of these requirements.

Fire extinguishers will be positioned within the exhibition by NEC Fire Officers. Exhibitors must ensure that stand personnel are conversant with their use and that they are aware of the position of the nearest fire alarm. 



Medical assistance on site is provided in the form of First Aiders.  Assistance can be sought by contacting the Venue Operations Centre (VOC) on 2222 from an internal phone or 0121 767 2222. Please state the exact location and the nature of the emergency. Alternatively notify a member of uniformed security staff who are located at all main entrances and vehicle entry doors within the halls and they will call for assistance or contact the Organisers Office who will also raise the alarm for help. During the event open period a medic will be based in the venue’s Medical Centre off the main Piazza.

Medical Emergency: Tel  +44 0121 767 2222 / Internal Extension: 2222 

In an emergency, where an ambulance is required, you should still notify a member of the Security team or the Venue Operations Centre directly in the first instance.



Floor loadings vary considerably throughout the NEC; therefore any unusual loadings should be checked with the Organiser. Any stands containing steelworks or frameworks structures are required to have adequate base plates to ensure they do not damage duct covers. If you have any questions regarding floor loadings please contact the Operations Team



Any exhibit or process which generates noxious or toxic fumes, exhaust or smoke must have access to an effective flue system to the outside air, and be situated adjacent to an external wall of the Hall. Any Exhibitor who intends to operate equipment which may come within this category should contact the Operations Team, in writing at nadine@exact-events.co.uk as soon as possible to discuss the issues involved.  


FOOD AND DRINK FOR SALE OR SAMPLING                                     

Any Exhibitor involved in food preparation on their stand (either sampling or cooking) must ensure all food handlers have a basic food hygiene certificate, and submit to the Organisers a full Risk Assessment and Employers Liability insurance.


FREIGHT AND LIFTING                                  

Should you require Freight and lifting please contact Agility see Form 11.



The official furniture contractor for the show is Thorns Group, who can supply a wide variety of furniture for your stand. If you would like to order furniture please visit or contact: 

Thorns Group

Tel:  +44 (0) 20 8801 4444  F: +44 (0) 20 8801 4445

E: mollie@thorns.co.uk




The gangways used in this venue are the minimum permissible by Health & Safety Regulations. Under no circumstances will exhibits, stand dressing, tables and chairs etc., be allowed to encroach into gangways. Please remember to keep all your exhibits inside your stand at all times.



Good graphics on your stand will get you and your products noticed. From your own colour transparencies or photographs, you can have stand graphics in any size. 



Public Liability Insurance is required by ALL Exhibitors on site and evidence of this may be requested by the organiser on site. The organisers request a minimum cover of £2million.

Please note that under your contract each Exhibitor is responsible for all claims arising from personal injury or damage to property during the build-up, open and breakdown period caused directly or indirectly by the Exhibitor or any contractor, sub-contractor, servant, agent or invitee of his, or the act, omission or neglect of any such person or by any exhibit, machinery etc. You have also agreed to indemnify the Licensee, Genealogy Events Ltd, in respect of each and every claim.

We strongly recommend that you check that your insurance cover for both Public Liability and other risks is sufficient, in order to avoid you being penalised due to under-insurance in the event of a claim.  Hiscox can provide Public Liability, Employers’ Liability, Cancellation and Abandonment and Property cover for exhibitors. International Exhibitors may need to arrange insurance locally. Please contact Hiscox.co.uk should you require additional cover. Other insurance companies which provide event/exhibition cover can be found on http://www.essa.uk.com/page.cfm/action=ExhibList/ListID=1/t=m/goSection=9 and searching for ‘Insurance’.



The NEC is the official Contractor for cabled internet services and telecommunications connections to exhibition stands on site.  To order telephone and internet connections for your stand please contact he NEC at least 4 weeks before the Exhibition.

Please see the link for booking forms and further information on the Products and Services provided by the NEC click here

For more information or to place an order contact: The NEC Sales & Customer Support Team

T: +44 (0) 844 33 88 338 F: + 44 (0) 844 581 1434 E: eventorders@thenec.co.uk

The NEC wireless (WiFi) network can be accessed free of charge across the venue.  This is however an unsupported network so if you rely on WiFi for the exhibition / your connection is commercially critical we highly recommend that you have a hardwired connection. 

To access the free Wifi follow these 3 simple steps to connect to any WiFi enabled devise:

Ensure that the WiFi is enabled on your device

View the available wireless networks and select ‘_NEC Free WiFi’ then click connect

Open your internet browser and follow the on screen instructions to register



Any lost property should be handed to event security / organisers office or the NEC Duty Manager and will be retained by the NEC for one month or returned to the WDYTYA offices. 



The use of LPG and other bottled gas will not be permitted at NEC.  



It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to apply for the appropriate licenses to play music or videos on their stand during the course of the Show. The licenses are as follows:


PHONOGRAPHIC PERFORMANCE LTD                                                                          

Exhibitors who play recorded music, i.e. from records, cassettes, CD’s etc. in public are required by law to apply for a Phonographic Performance Ltd. (PPL) license. PPL controls the copyright regarding the public performance and broadcasting of sound recordings on behalf of the record producers. The appropriate license must be secured in advance to prevent infringement of copyright. To apply for your PPL license please contact PPL directly. Their telephone number is +44 (0) 20 7534 1450 or e-mail info@ppluk.com.


PERFORMING RIGHTS SOCIETY                                                                              

Exhibitors wishing to play music on their stand, from whatever source including any live performances, need to obtain a music licence from PRS. Royalty charges to cover the public performance of copyright music at exhibitions is payable in advance. So, if you plan to play music on your stand, please contact PRS as soon as possible. Tel: +44 0800 068 4828   


VIDEO PERFORMANCE LTD                           

Video Performance Ltd have rights granted to them under the Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988 to issue licences and authorise the public performance of music videos on behalf of music video producing record companies. Exhibitors wishing to play music videos on their stand by means of TV, video, slide/tape, presentation must apply and pay for a VPL licence.  Tel: +44 (0) 20 7534 1000



Any stand playing music or videos must keep the sound down to a level that is not intrusive to other Exhibitors. If in the opinion of the Organisers, the sound level on a stand is too high and the Exhibitor does not conform to verbal requests to reduce the sound, the Organisers reserve the right to cut the power to the stand.  



The address for the Show is:

Who Do You Think You Are? Live

NEC, Hall 2

Stand Number and Company name

Pendigo Way

Marston Green


West Midlands, B40 1NT


If you are planning your journey, two useful websites are:

http://www.theaa.com/route-planner/index.jsp provides a route planner. Simply input the start and finish locations. 

www.streetmap.co.uk – gives detailed street maps of any area in the UK.



The Organisers’ Office is located at the entrance of the Hall and will be open throughout the Show including the build-up and breakdown periods. 



The PA system is for official use only. It is not available to Exhibitors for any purpose during the show. 



Exhibitors are reminded that they are responsible for the removal of their pallets. Any pallets left in the Hall will be charged to the Exhibitor at £100.00 per pallet. 



In the interests of security, all Exhibitors and contractors must wear identity passes at all times during the build-up, breakdown and open periods of the Show. Security staff will not allow you or your staff to enter the exhibition without a valid pass. 



Passes will be issued for Who Do You Think You Are? Live 2017 that allow admission to the exhibition halls throughout the event. Passes are available free of charge and will be allocated with respect to your stand size as follows:

•The Society of Genealogists Family History Show = 5 passes per table

•stands <10sqm = 5 passes

•stands <20sqm = 10 passes

•stands >20sqm = 20 passes

A trade in system will be in place for stands that have a change over of personnel during the show.

Passes will ready for collection from the Organisers office at the venue during build up.

Passes will be ready to collect for all stands once the Health and Safety Declaration Form 1 and full payment has been received.



Any contractor wishing to gain access and work within the Hall during build-up and breakdown must wear a Contractor pass. These will be issued onsite by our security staff at the venue. Contractors will need to notify security of the company and stand number of the stand on which they are working to obtain a pass. Contractor passes are valid for build-up and breakdown only.  

N.B. Please notify the Organisers of all contractor details on Form 2 by February 17th.




NEC Traffic officers control the movement of all vehicles within the NEC complex. All Exhibitors, contractors and sub-contractors must obtain goods vehicle passes to gain access to the site. Vehicles passes must be displayed in the window of any vehicle unloading/ loading whilst in the vicinity of the Exhibition Hall. Please complete form 3 to confirm the number of vehicle passes required for build and breakdown.

Exhibitors, contractors and sub-contractors should follow the onsite signage for the nominated lorry/car park for the show. Vehicles will be held in the nominated lorry park and then called down by NEC Traffic officers for unloading/ loading.  Goods must be unloaded immediately and vehicles must then be removed from the unloading area to the nominated lorry/ car park.  



Complimentary car parking for exhibitors during the exhibition open period are extremely limited. Each stand will be allocated one complimentary car parking pass. If any additional exhibitor parking passes are required please email wdytya.operations@immediate.co.uk and these will be allocated on a first come first served basis. If once on site you no longer require your car parking pass please return it to the Organisers’ Office so that it can be re-allocated to another exhibitor.



There is a well-equipped Visitor & Business Centre located between Halls 4 and 5 which offers a wide range of services including PC Use / Internet Access, Photocopying, Printing, Scanning, Faxing, Laminating and Gift Shop. DHL have a service point within this centre and The NEC Mobility Service operates from just outside the Business Centre. For more information contact:

T: +44 (0) 121 780 4141 or E: info@necgroup.co.uk



Plastics must conform to BS 476-Part 7-Class 1. Lexan and Macralon are acceptable. Perspex is not permitted in NEC.



Restocking deliveries should be made between 0800 hrs and half an hour before the show opens each morning. You must provide your own trolleys and ensure that a member of your staff is present to receive deliveries.

Please note that Health & Safety regulations prevent the use of trolleys in the halls during the open times of the show when public are in the halls. You will therefore need to carry goods by hand if they are delivered after the show has opened.



Whilst every reasonable precaution is taken during the show to ensure the premises are adequately patrolled, the Organisers expressly disclaim responsibility for any loss or damage to property of any Exhibitor from any cause.  

It is essential that you report any loss sustained from your stand to the Organisers’ Office.

To help ensure good security at the show, please follow these points:

•Delegate one member of your personnel responsible for your company’s safety and security at the exhibition.

•Do not leave cash, handbags, mobile phones, valuables etc., in unlocked drawers, cupboards or on exhibits on your stand.

•Do not leave wallets in unattended clothing.

•Night sheets are available from The Freeman Company. These provide a see-through netting barrier which leaves the contents on the stand on view at all times, whilst deterring the opportunist thief.

•Check all lockable desks and cupboards before leaving your stand.

•Please note that build-up and breakdown days are high-risk periods. You are recommended to work in pairs so that the stand is manned at all times.

•Make sure you arrive prior to the official opening time and do not leave your stand at night before the hall is clear of visitors.

•Should you have small valuables, which you wish to leave on your stand you are advised to provide yourself with lockable steel cabinets or other safe storage areas.

•Do not bring products on to your stand before Wednesday 5th April 2017.  

Please do not hesitate to check with the organisers on any security matter.



Exhibitors must obtain prior written agreement from the Organisers before arranging any hands on treatment, special activities or visitor participation on stands (i.e. special treatments, massages, dancers, models, musicians, animals or celebrities to appear on or alongside the stand space booked). In accordance with Health and Safety regulations, it is imperative that you notify the Operations Team in writing immediately to nadine@exact-events.co.uk

Permission is required for the use of special effects, such as lasers, pyrotechnics, smoke machines, strobes or flashing lights. Light projections must be contained within the stand area. They must not, under any circumstance, be directed onto the gangways, walls or roofs of the exhibition hall. Permission must be first obtained from the Organisers and then the Venue, please contact the Operations Team in writing immediately to nadine@exact-events.co.uk



Artificial plants and flowers are often combustible and can give off poisonous fumes; they must not be used as stand dressing.  Silk type flowers are acceptable, providing they have been fireproofed to the appropriate standards and are marked as such. Cellulose paints are flammable and must not be used in stand dressing.



Exhibitors must arrange in advance for the transport of goods, supply of labour, lifting equipment, etc. for the handling of their own goods and exhibits. If assistance is required, Exhibitors are strongly advised to contact Agility see Form 11, in advance for a quotation and to avoid delay on-site. Please note that there is no facility on-site for the ‘borrowing’ of trolleys/ladders or other equipment.

It is contrary to NEC Fire Regulations for packing materials etc. to be stored on or behind stands. The Fire Officers will insist that any ad-hoc stores be removed. 

The Organisers do not have trolleys to lend or hire to Exhibitors. Please bring your own trolley if required. No trolleys are allowed in the hall during Show open times.



Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 Section 34, we are duty bound to dispose of waste correctly and safely by suitable and approved agents. The law is tightening up in this area and has already started to affect us all quite considerably within the exhibition environment. To us this means a reduction of stand fitting waste in the exhibition industry. Persons with a responsibility include Organisers, Contractors, Venue and Exhibitors. 

It is all our responsibility to ensure that waste is managed properly and plans should be put in place to re-use and recycle stand fitting materials. For any waste that is unable to be re-used, recycled or taken away must be disposed of safely and in accordance with DUTY OF CARE.

Persons responsible must ensure that they take all reasonable measures to safely contain the waste and transfer it to authorised personnel only, providing them with accurate written descriptions of the waste they are transferring.

It is an offence to breach this DUTY OF CARE with penalties including unlimited fines if convicted. As an exhibitor or contactor you do have a legal obligation to comply with these regulations.

The venue operates a recycling policy which includes recycling of cardboard, food, waste, glass, plastic and wood (no nails in wood and no MDF please). During the Build-Up cleaners will separate this waste and provide individual bins for the contractors and exhibitors wishing to have their waste removed. However, during Breakdown exhibitors need to remove all waste materials from stands and not left for the venue to dispose of.   Excessive waste will be chargeable for removal during Build-up and Breakdown.  



This Manual forms part of the Terms & Conditions that you agreed to on signing your contract.



To comply with Local Authority regulations any vehicles that are on display inside the Hall must contain only sufficient fuel to move in and out of the venue, have a lockable fuel cap and the battery must be disconnected.



The Environmental Protection Act 1990 came into force in April 1992 and dictates strict controls on waste materials. Waste materials however innocuous shall not be abandoned on site. Should it be necessary for waste materials to be removed from site, please contact the Organisers.

You are asked to consider how much waste will be generated from your stand before you come to the event and Reduce, Re-use and Recycle where possible, please see ‘Sustainability’ in the ‘A to Z Directory of Services’.

NEC cleaning contractor, will be collecting plastic, cardboard, paper, glass and wood (without nails) from the exhibition floor for recycling. Please assist them by separating your waste and flattening any cardboard boxes where possible. If you leave any excessive or hazardous waste at the end of the event, you will be charged for its removal.  

Excessive waste is described as: more than 2 boxes of literature, stand fitting material, pallets, material packaging and quantities of unsold stock or ‘give-aways’.

Hazardous waste is defined as follows: light bulbs and fluorescent tubes; electrical equipment and fittings; gloss and emulsion paint and their containers; cooking oils and their containers; aerosols, full or empty; oils and lubricants; oily rags (this includes rags for cleaning shell scheme). 

Please note that any excessive rubbish left on the premises will be tracked back to the exhibitor and your company will be charged.



The Work at Height Regulations came into force on 6th April 2005. Exhibitors should ensure that all their contractors and staff are aware of and comply with the regulations in full. These can be viewed at www.hse.gov.uk . A brief guide to the regulations is also available from the Operations Team.



Working exhibits and demonstrations of working equipment must conform to current Health and Safety regulations (Please see ‘Health & Safety’ at the front of the manual).