Society of Genealogists Family History Show EXHIBITORS

Your area includes anthracite grey cord carpet; a 6’ utility table; a chair; and a table number. Please note that electrics and lighting are NOT included in your table area and must be ordered separately using Form Nine.
All exhibitors are provided with a name panel affixed to the fascia. Please complete the Shell Scheme Nameboard Form with your stand name and number.
Pop-ups must be displayed within your table area only and not obstruct gangways and aisles. The area behind tables is a shared area and we ask that you consider your neighbours, who may also want to display items. There is a limited amount of shell scheme walling behind SOG table areas that allows us to display fascia boards demarking the SOG area: if your pop-up is taller than 2.2m it may not fit within the shell scheme so please contact the organisers.