The Shell Scheme will be built in white octanorm and constructed by Freemans, the appointed contractor. Basic stands will consist of walls, fascia, corner and mid-support posts and ceiling beams. Each stand will have a name panel (for your company name and stand number).
For a larger diagram and the shell scheme dimensions, please download the brochure HERE. Please note that it is necessary to position support posts at least every 4m on open sides and/or central points of larger stands. If you have any queries regarding your shell scheme stand, please contact:
                   Exhibitor Services
                   The Freeman Company
                   Tel: +44 (0) 2476 309236
The shell scheme may not be modified or changed in any way i.e. the ceiling grid cannot be removed (for reasons of stability) nor may the fascia be removed or changed, or additions made to the fascia by way of Exhibitors’ logos or exhibits.
Additional Products and Services
Depending on your requirements you may need to order certain goods and services for your stand.
Please remember that the contract does not include provision by the Organisers of any of the following services: special connections for water, waste, gas or other utilities; interior fitments and displays; additional sign-writing; insurance of exhibits; labour for offloading; licenses to play music; licence to sell / sample alcohol; provision of night sheets; floral decoration; telephones; furniture; electrics and lighting.
Some of the items you may require are as follows:
Audio Visual and Office Equipment             
Electrics & Lighting                                                 
Extra Stand Fittings                                                
Flowers and Plants                                                           
Licence to play music                                  
Licence to sell / sample Alcohol                                        
Lifting and unloading                                              
Telephone, fax and internet                        
Water and Waste                                                   
Electrics & Lighting                                                                                                     
Freemans are the appointed stand contractor for electrics and lighting. An order form for electrics can be found in ‘Forms’.

Thorns Group are the official furniture contractor for the show, who can supply a wide variety of furniture for your stand. If you would like to order furniture please contact Marinna Oxenham on +44 (0) 20 8801 4444 or e-mail Visit their website for more details.

Interior Stand-fitting
The choice of interior stand-fitting contractor is at your discretion. However, you are asked to provide us with the details of your interior design contractors. All interior stand-fitting contractors working on shell scheme stands should liaise closely with the main stand-fitting contractor, The Freeman Company. Please note that no item of interior display work may extend beyond the limits of the stand or above the height of the dividing walls. There must also be no alteration or adjustment to any part of the shell scheme structure without written agreement from the Organiser.
Mains Boards
Each Shell Scheme stand will have its own 30ma RCD consumer unit or distribution board, which must be easily and readily available at all times in the event of an emergency. We will position the consumer board on the back of the shell scheme fascia board wherever possible. 
Muslin Ceilings
Where an Exhibitor is constructing a shell scheme stand with muslin ceiling, such material (and any others used in construction) must comply with Fire Regulations and be of non-flammable material (Class One spread of flame). Please contact The Freeman Company for hire information.
Name Board                                                                                                                      
All shell scheme stands are provided with a name panel affixed to the fascia. Please complete the relevant Form with your stand name and number.
Wherever possible all painting should be done off site. All painting on-site must be carried out using water-based paints. Please note that it is not possible to paint shell scheme stands.
A night sheet is a canvas drape that is padlocked to each side of your stand and is constructed to stretch around the open walls of your stand. It is a good deterrent for the opportunist thief. These can be ordered from The Freeman Company via their Form.
The number of walls on your stand will depend upon its location and whether it is adjoining to other stands.
  • Island shell scheme stands will not contain any walling and will be open on all sides.
  • Part island shell scheme stands will have one back wall, where a stand is backing on to you.
  • Shell scheme stands with stands on either side, will have three walls and an open front.
  • End of run stands or corner sites will have two walls and two open sides.
If you wish to order additional walling, please bear in mind that designs with long runs of gangway perimeter walling should not be used and will not be approved if deemed by the Organisers to have a detrimental effect on the Show or surrounding stands. Please note the maximum length of walling permissible is one third the length of your gangway perimeter wall.
Shell Scheme Do’s and Don’ts
Freemans would be grateful if you would observe the DO’s and DON’Ts associated with the shell scheme system as any damage to the system will be charged directly to the exhibitor.
  • Nails                
  • Staples          
  • Screws        
  • Painting          
  • Pins            
  • Glue
The following is permitted:
  • Velcro (Hook & Loop)
  • Sellotape
  • Blue tack
For advice on heavy objects, please contact the Freeman Company Service Desk on site or contact Exhibitor Services on +44 (0) 2476 309236 or e-mail
If you have any other queries regarding your shell scheme stand, please contact the Sales Team.