With less than three weeks to the show, we are excited to welcome our guest blogger for week, Sarah Williams, Editor of Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine. 
This can be a rather bleak time of the year, all that post-Christmas-New-Year’s-Resolution-dry-January misery coupled with rain, rain and more rain. But for those of us in the family history industry we often get a spring in our step long before spring appears. That’s because, the biggest date in the genealogical calendar, by a long way, comes in February when Olympia opens its doors to thousands of family historians flocking to Who Do You Think You Are? Live.
Why does this put a spring in my step? Well, as editor of a magazine, I sit in an office putting together a publication that I hope thousands of readers will enjoy. Occasionally I receive emails from readers and sometimes they call me, but Who Do You Think You Are? Live is my one opportunity to meet the people that I do all this work for. Imagine being a shopkeeper who only gets to meet her customers once a year? 
But I don’t just learn from meeting my readers (although the feedback I receive over the course of the three days is invaluable). Who Do You Think You Think You Are? Live is remarkable because it really does give me an opportunity to experience the whole genealogy industry under one roof. And when I say ‘industry’, I don’t just mean the big companies, or those that make their living out of family history. It’s also a chance to meet archives from around the UK and Ireland and talk to regional experts from local family history societies.
After all, rather inconveniently for us, our ancestors didn’t just come from one place. I smile wryly when I meet someone at a party who says, ‘My family all came from Norfolk’. I’m afraid the chances are they didn’t and Who Do You Think You Are? Live is your best opportunity to meet experts from around the UK all under one roof.
So, if you are coming to Olympia this year, these are my quick tips:
1) If you live in the South East, pick up a copy of Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine now to get a free copy of the showguide (worth £2). This will help you plan your visit.  
2) I recommend bringing a small rucksack to leave your hands free. You will pick up more stuff than you think as you go around the show and it can be very tiring carrying dozens of plastic bags.
3) Using a copy of the showguide, plan who you need to see and bring along copies of your tree and any questions you need answering. If you come with clear goals, you are more likely to come away with something positive.
4) Write your mobile phone number on the top of your paperwork. Every year we get people leaving their research on our stand and it’s great if we can contact them to reunite them with their documents.
5) And finally, come and say hello – I don’t get out much!