As we edge ever closer to the show, the excitement builds in the office. Having found out the news before Christmas, I've been eager to share this with you all, our big announcement this week is the appearance of Larry Lamb, Alex Graham and the producers of our favorite television show Who Do You Think You Are? 

Larry's genealogical discoveries on the show are like a lot of episodes of Who Do You Think You Are?, the similarities of our celebrities to their ancestors makes you look back through your family to discover where the cross-overs between your timelines.

The traits you share, chosen employment and the lifesstyle you lead, is this genetically predispositioned or is this down to your family background?  The strong family values I have been raised with, have impacted me throughout my life. 

This along with other family themes will be on discussion at the show with several experts in the fields of DNA on hand to help you with your discoveries!