The Who Do You Think You Are? Live Team would like to wish you all a Happy New Year!


Like a lot of people, the New Year represents a fresh new start and a range of New Year resolutions we all endeavor to keep. After the excess of December, I plan to be a virtue of health this year and get back to the gym on a regular occurrence. It’s been a while!


The New Year is a good time to take up a new hobby or just to revisit an old one. Spending time with friends and family over the festive season reminds us of our family and friends who cannot be with us over the holidays. We will write the cards, send our best wishes and heart-felt messages, skype those overseas and visit the graves of the ones who are sadly no longer with us.


From my experience working on the show and hearing your stories, my interest in my own genealogy has increased, I am inspired and encouraged to discover to research deeper into my family history to gain a better insight into my ancestors. My descendants are all originated from Ireland, due to this fact I am excited by our recent additions to the workshop schedule focusing on Irish Heritage. I look forward to the show when I can start my genealogical journey!