It's a positive atmosphere to work in and that's reflected in our work on the show. We're busy ensuring that all the genealogy magazines are covering the show in details and sending out ticket offers and publicity through appropriate websites. We employ an external PR agency who are currently working with womens' monthly magazines to feature the show. They ensure it's included in all event listings and then look to national and regional press to cover the show and include ticket offers or competitions.

We've just had confirmation of the talks by The National Archives as part of the Society of Genealogists' Workshop programme. As soon as we get features like this confirmed, we get the information out as quickly as possible. We'll add a 'latest news' article to the website and make sure it's included in our weekly newsletter. We'll also tweet and add a mention to Facebook. If it's really big news, perhaps a celebrity booking or brand new feature zone, we'll also issue a press release and ask all our partners to help spread the word.

With a show like this that's been running for a number of years, the channels for marketing are fairly established and we get wonderful support in helping to promote the show. Which makes my life easier - and gives me a little more time to head out for that team Christmas lunch.