We are now over halfway through series eleven of our favorite hit genealogy show. With only three more episodes to go, we take a look at the series so far…


Episode one – Julie Walters: BAFTA award-winning actress Julie travelled to County Mayo, Ireland on her genealogical journey. She discovered her great grandfather was involved the revolutionary Land League, which helped shape the future of Ireland.  


Episode two – Brian Blessed: Our most enthused celebrity of the series so far, film and theatre actor Brian Blessed was surprised to discover his family search takes him away from the northern roots. Brian starts his journey in London, he discovers his family has faced some difficult times with poverty and workhouse featuring in his lives of his forebears.


Episode three – Tamzin Outhwaite: Actress Tamzin shot to fame as Melanie Owen in Eastenders. Much like her character in the hit show, Tamzin has strong roots in London but her ancestry takes her overseas to Italy. Tamzin discovers her great-great grandfather moved over to the UK to start an ice cream making business but the Second World War led to him and his son being sent to an internment camp.  


Episode four – Brendan O’Carroll: Best-loved Irish comedian and film star Brendan went on a search to discover the truth behind the tales of his grandfather’s murder. Brendan’s story takes us back to 1920’s Dublin where he believes drunken soldiers shot his grandfather. What unfolds wouldn’t be out of place in a movie script!


Episode five – Sheridan Smith: Stage and screen actress Sheridan has performed from ayoung age with her parents. She wonders if she may find ‘musical bones’ in her family tree. She is right to wonder as she discovers her great-great grandfather was a well-renowned banjo player and founded the Royal American Choir.   



Episode six – Mary Berry: Star Baker Mary has worked as a food writer since the 1960s. Mary’s first discovers her great-great grandfather was a baker and builder which leads her to discover how baking has developed in the last 200 years. Mary finds out other similarities between her own life and those of her ancestors.


Episode seven – Martin Shaw: Famed actor Martin grew up never knowing his grandfather. He starts his episode telling us that both his father and paternal grandmother remained very close-lipped about his disappearance. Martin wishes to discover the truth behind this and discover more about the man he knows very little about. Martin discovers his ancestors actually worked and resided in local areas he knows very well.


With only three episodes to go, who’s been your favourite so far? Join us on Facebook and tell us…


If you’ve missed any of the series 11 episodes so far, you can still watch these here.