This year, from across the pond we have a brand-new and exciting exhibitor - RootsBid!
RootsBid is a community-driven site allowing participants to submit and bid on family history projects around the globe, especially in specific locations that are inaccessible to the individual requesting assistance, or if research skills and resources are lacking.
If an individual, doing family history research in the United States, ran into a problem locating an ancestor’s records that would be easily accessible in London, England, that individual would post a request on RootsBid and all participants in the London area would be notified of the request. The London users could then place bids to fulfil the request, whereby the requestor would select the ideal bid and the bidder would then fulfil the request. After satisfactory delivery, the bidder is to be paid and rated.
RootsBid solves an enormous problem in family history research, where so much can be accomplished in an ancestor’s homeland, but that homeland is inaccessible. Hiring local certified genealogists is not always possible, or reasonable within a limited budget. Much research can be done by professionals and non-professionals alike – both of which can be found on RootsBid.
By being a part of the RootsBid community, together we can more efficiently and cost-effectively have breakthroughs in our family history research and help each other connect with our ancestors in ways that are more meaningful. For more information on the services that Rootsbid provide, click here
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