Photo dating experts on hand to help you date your photos

For everyone with a mysterious family photograph, there'll be a group of talented experts on hand in the Photography Gallery to help. For those of you who want to identify possible ancestors in your photo collection, our experts are the people to come and see. With a range of specialisms, such as military and costume, they'll be sure to be able to help you learn more about the people in the pictures.

Meet the experts...

Maureen Taylor, known as the Photo Detective, is an internationally known expert on photo identification. She travels extensively giving presentations on photo identification, photo preservation and family history.

Neil Storey is a historian, lecturer and author of over thirty books on social and military history. Having written for Family Tree Magazine, Neil has also had a book published entitled 'Family Military Photographs and How to Date Them.' Neil will help you interpret any military photographs by helping you date, identify and learn more about the badges and insignia worn by your ancestors.

Molly Housego is a Costume and Textile historian and lecturer and author of 'Women in the Second World War' and 'Women in the First World War' and will interpret your family photographs using costume details.

So remember to bring your photos along to WDYTYA? LIVE to get the most out of this fantastic complimentary service.