With a career which has spanned over three decades, Larry is a famous face in the world of film and television. His most recent roles have seen him play one of the greatest soap opera villains ever to disturb our screens, Eastenders' Archie Mitchell and Gavin's father Mick in the hit British comedy series, Gavin & Stacey.

Larry's varied and adventurous career comes as no surprise when he admits that "there is a real wanderlust in me” on the TV show, a restlessness also shared by his mother and sister. Larry was well into his adulthood when he discovered that his mother, Jessie, was adopted as a baby and his desire to see "what's on the other side of the hill?" prompted Larry to explore his mysterious ancestry. Firstly, he finds his mother's biological father Albert Day; a travelling fairground showman.

Larry's next port of call is to uncover the truth of what happened to his grandmother, Catherine Day. After converting to Judaism, remarrying and having another child, Catherine emigrated to America where her and her husband settled in Los Angeles. Larry realises that at one point in his life they were only a few miles apart.

Although Catherine is no longer alive, Larry discovers that his uncle is living on the outskirts of L.A and, in an emotional ending to the episode, Larry’s mother and Uncle John talk for the first time.

Larry said 'Life's a big adventure, right - it's all grist to the mill. I ain't responsible for my ancestors, you could say they're vaguely responsible for me!'

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