1. Remember to go to the Workshop Ticket Desk, located on the upstairs gallery, when you arrive at the show to get remaining workshop tickets. They will be given out on a first come, first served basis.

  2. You can drop your coat off at the cloak room to save carrying it round all day.

  3. Prepare any material you want to bring along in advance, including family photos and any heirlooms you would like dated by Eric Knowles.

  4. Bring an updated, clear version of your family tree along to remind you of any questions you want to ask.

  5. Use our Meeting Point, handily located by the entrance to the show, to share your family history findings and arrange rest stops with your friends!

  6. Remember to visit our Migration Zone,on the far left of the ground level next to the DNA Workshop, if you have ancestors who immigrated or emigrated.

  7. Stay until the end of the day as it is often quieter so you’ll be able to beat the crowds.

  8. Book a 20 minute one-to-one session with an expert in Ask the Experts or the Military Memorabilia Checkpoint when you arrive for advice you may need with your research.

  9. Use the ‘Plan Your Day’ section on the website to find travel, accommodation and venue information.

  10. Get over to our Twitter and Facebook page for regular updates and more handy tips.