Keynote Workshop

The Keynote Workshop will talk place each day at 1.15pm in the Celebrity Theatre. There will be a 40 minute talk followed by a Q&A session.

Meet key members of IWM’s (Imperial War Museums) Lives of the First World War team and find out more about this global project to explore, reveal and record the contributions of over 8 million men and women from across Britain and the Commonwealth who served in uniform or worked on the home front.

Hear from Nigel Steel, IWM Principal Historian about how, in deciding on the most fitting way to mark the centenary of the global conflict that shaped the world we live in today, IWM returned to its founding vision: ‘ The museum is not a monument of military glory, but a record  ‘of toil and sacrifice' so complete that ‘every individual, man or woman, soldier, sailor, airman or civilian who contributed, may be able to find an example of the sacrifice he made or the work he did…’

The digital age has enabled IWM to reinterpret this vision in a new and innovative way. Luke Smith, IWM Digital Lead, will talk about the complexities of creating a digital platform that helps members of the public to find and record every element of a persons’ contribution to the First World War based on evidence found in a wide range of historical sources.

In 1917 in what was perhaps the very first exercise in ‘crowd sourcing’, IWM asked ordinary people to contribute to the official record of the war. Melanie Donnelly, Lives of the First World War Project Manager, will explain how you can get involved and use your family history skills and knowledge to help build more than 8 million Life Stories in the permanent digital memorial. 

Come along and hear how you can be part of this ambitious global project. 

Each talk will be followed by a Q&A session with a number of experts in the field taking questions from the floor. You can book your ticket to the Keynote Workshop when booking tickets to the show. Click here to book.


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