If you're interested in learning more about your genealogy but have no idea where to start, our step-by-step guide will help you get going. Click on the links below to find out how to take your first steps in uncovering your roots...


Step 1 - Find out what you already know

Use the facts that you already know plus the documents hidden away in your house to start to build your family tree.  

Step 2 - Talk to other family members

You may not be the only one in the family who has uncovered some family secrets; speak to other members of your family to find out what they have unearthed.

Step 3 - Explore births, marriages and deaths

Birth, marriage and death certificates can reveal a vast array of valuable information, such as full names, dates of birth, occupations and so on.  

Step 4 - Use the census

Use the census to find out where your ancestors were living, who they were living with and, what they were doing for a living at ten yearly intervals. The first census dates back to 1841 so they really play a significant role in tracing your ancestors.

Step 5 - Explore military records

Due to the major role which war has played in society, it is highly likely that one of your ancestors was a member of the armed forces. There are many records which you can explore to find out more about their military experiences.  

Step 6 - Next steps

Click above to find out about your next steps.