Actress Emilia Fox has now been confirmed as the third celebrity from the TV series to be appearing at Who Do You Think You Are? LIVE 2012.

The actress, who is well-known for playing Dr Nikki Alexander in the BBC crime drama Silent Witness, was eight months pregnant while filming her WDYTYA? episode and finding her ancestors and could not think of a "better present" for her baby than to "find out who they are."

Emilia was already aware that she was not the only one in her family to have walked the boards. Her family have long been involved in the theatrical side of life. Her parents are both actors and her paternal grandfather (who died before she was born) was a successful agent who represented stars such as Robert Morley, Dirk Bogarde and Vanessa Redgrave. However, her acting roots went deeper than she ever imagined as she made surprising discoveries along the way, including finding out that she is related to the famous nineteenth-century actress Lily Hanbury.

Emilia's ancestry quest then took her to the north of England where she uncovered the fascinating rags–to-riches story of her 3 x great grandfather Samson. Samson worked his way up from being a child labourer to becoming a well-known philanthropist inventor. At the end of the epsiode, Emilia hopes that his "little touch of genius" is passed to her baby.

You can listen to Emilia’s story on Saturday the 25th of February at 10 and 11am in the Celebrity Theatre. Tickets are free on the day but if you want to guarantee your place, you can book a ticket in advance for £2 when booking your ticket to the show.