Emily D. Aulicino

Emily D. Aulicino, BS in History, MED (Master’s in Education); Speaker and Regional Coordinator for the International Society of Genetic Genealogists (ISOGG); Administrator of the Ogan One-Name Study; Member of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG), Genealogical Council of Oregon (GCO); Genealogical Forum of Oregon (GFO)

Maurice Gleeson

Maurice Gleeson is a psychiatrist and genetic genealogist. He is administrator of several Surname DNA Projects including the surnames Gleason, Spearin, Farrell, Boylan, & Maloney. It is from the hands-on management of these projects that his current opinions on DNA project management are based. He has helped organise the DNA Lectures for “Genetic Genealogy Ireland” in Dublin and “Who Do You Think You Are” in the UK since 2012. As an international speaker, he has given talks in Ireland, the UK, the US & Canada.

Julia Bell

Julia Bell found her WW2 American GI grandfather, Arthur Benager Garrett, in 2014 despite having no name for him or any useable data of any kind. She now has a proven track record for finding GI fathers based in the UK in WW2, relying on DNA results alone. Using a combination of logic and intuition, Julia also works with UK foundlings, who have traditionally had many questions and no answers about their families until now.

Turi King

Dr. Turi King is a Reader in Genetics and Archaeology at the University of Leicester. She led the DNA analysis in the Richard III identification project and is now leading a follow up project to sequence Richard III’s whole genome and a number of other ancient and modern DNA projects.

Katherine Borges

Katherine Borges co-founded and serves as Director of the International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG), which promotes and educates about genetic genealogy to over 10,000 members in 70 countries. ISOGG works to increase professional standards in the practice, research, and discussion of relevant issues in DNA testing, interpretation, and ethics. She now gives many presentations on genetic genealogy to groups across the United States, the United Kingdom, and Ireland, as well as administering several surname, regional, and haplogroup DNA projects.

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DNA for beginners

10:15 - 11:10

Linda Magellan will cover all the basics about DNA testing – the three main types of DNA test, what each one can do for you, and what kind of questions DNA can help you to answer in your own particular family tree research. If you have ever thought about doing a DNA test (or even if you haven’t) this presentation will leave you with all the information you need to dip your big toe in the gene pool.

Linda Magellan

Linda Parker Magellan is an independent Professional Genetic Genealogy Consultant who has travelled internationally assisting individuals in the discovery of their ancestry through the use of DNA testing. Linda enjoys putting the pieces of the puzzle together to solve the mystery of one’s genetic inheritance.

Linda ordered her first DNA test kit in 2003 and has been hooked ever since. She now administers several surname projects and has experience with Family Tree DNA, 23andMe, AncestryDNA, and the Genographic Project.

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Paul Carter

Paul Carter is an experienced web designer who has worked with a number of professional genealogists and genealogical organisations to produce high quality websites. As a genealogist, Paul is an Associate of AGRA, the professional body, and is the Web Manager for the British Association for Local History. With knowledge of both web technologies and genealogical research, Paul is regularly called upon to speak to family history and local history audiences.