Photography Gallery


Visit the Photography Gallery for an exciting and informative investigation of your valuable family photos and artefacts. The Gallery is an area of the show dedicated to the photos of our past.

Experts are on hand to help you investigate your precious photos. Will styling, dress or background give you the clues to identify the subjects or tell you more about them?

Simply bring your photos to the Gallery and visit one of our experts who will study your photo carefully to help you with your family history research.

James Morley is a collector of vintage photographs and is especially interested in the history of photography. He loves solving a mystery, whether it's an unidentified location, an unknown face, the name of a ship or the make of a car or plane. He does much of this online, with the help of people around the world through sites like Flickr and Twitter. He also runs the website whose motto is 'giving old pictures new life.'

Neil Storey is the award winning author of over 30 books on social and military history subjects, is a regular Family Tree magazine feature writer and author of the now essential book 'Family Military Photographs and How to Date Them.' He is currently working on the follow-up volume 'Family Civilian Uniform Photographs and How to Date Them' which will include such organisations as the British Red Cross Society, St John's Ambulance Brigade, Boy Scouts, Guides, Salvation Army, Air Raid Precautions, police and fire units. So if the photograph has a uniform on it - bring it along!

Neil will be joined by Major Graham Bandy, Military Historian and moderator of Neil and Graham will interpret family military photographs - date, identify and learn more about what the badges and insignia worn by your ancestors signify in their historical context.


This is a free, unticketed service. Simply head to the Photography Gallery upstairs and speak to one of our experts.




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