In partnership with FamilyTreeDNA, the DNA Workshop area will play host to renowned international expert speakers and leaders in the field of DNA testing, so you can understand how this science can reveal your genealogy. 

Everyone can meet their mother’s matrilineal line through a mitochondrial DNA test.  Not only do you connect with your genetic cousins, those who match your DNA, but you can also discover where your maternal ancestor originally came from.  Was she Jewish, Spanish, Germanic or maybe Nordic? 

Males can meet their father’s direct paternal surname line with the Y DNA test.  Meet cousins with your surname who share a common ancestor.  What other surnames do you match?  Where did your ancestors come from?  Were they Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Celts or maybe Berbers that accompanied Roman soldiers?  

Now everyone can test their autosomal DNA with Family Finder and meet lots of genetic cousins from many of your ancestral lines, not just paternal or maternal.  

So, who do you want to meet today?


DNA Workshops

There'll also be a series of drop-in workshops available to attend where you can learn such topics as DNA testing on 'both sides of the pond', the populating of the world according to genealogy as well as successful instances of DNA use. If you're new to DNA testing, you'll be able to learn about the basic concepts of this ground-breaking science.

Please click here to find the DNA Workshop timetable.

You'll find the DNA Workshop on the ground floor - no tickets required. Please note all drop-in workshops are subject to capacity.




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