Church of the Holy Rude
The first company to offer DNA testing for genealogical research, Family Tree DNA also offers the benefit of group projects to research common genetic ancestors. 
Whether you’re researching a surname, a clan or a sept, there’s a good chance you’ll find a project to suit.  For example, the Scottish Clans DNA Project is administered by the Genealogical Studies team at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. Then there’s the royal Stewart-Stuart Y-DNA Project, which traces patrilineal connections back to the High Stewards of Scotland, and the Murray Surname and Clan Project, some of whose members trace back to Niall Noigíallach, the High King of Ireland.  You’ll also find smaller groups such as Ledingham. Guthrie, and Boyd and many more. 
Stop by the Family Tree DNA stand for more information. While you’re on the stand, be sure to attend the drop-in workshops to hear more about connecting with your genetic Scots ancestry.  
Speakers include:
Katherine Borges “Famous DNA”
Alasdair Macdonald - “Scottish Clans, Families and Surnames,” 
Dr. Maurice Gleeson - “Ireland and the Slave Trade,” 
John Cleary - “Death March to Durham: What Became of the Dunbar Prisoners?”
Brian Swann – “Combining DNA and Documentation: Scottish Examples from Military Families and Seafaring Family History.” 
Some projects are even sponsoring free Y-DNA testing for qualified individuals. Visit the Family Tree DNA stand for more information. 
The full Family Tree DNA workshop timetable can be found here.